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Interview with brand kikiki optique #2 (Visiting the workshop)

During our visit to the kikiki optique's workshop, we had the opportunity to tour and observe the manufacturing process of handmade eyewear frames.

From the conception of ideas, creation of prototypes, making rubber molds, brazing, sanding, and assembly... as we toured the workshop, we could sense that each step of the process was infused with both technical expertise and heartfelt dedication.


Alongside the conception of the design, prototypes are created by hand using base metal, hard wax, and 3D CAD.


Using the prototypes, rubber molds are created. Wax is poured into the rubber molds to create wax patterns.


Using the wax patterns, metal parts are created through lost-wax casting. The above image shows the metal parts after the lost-wax casting process.


Brazing(the process of welding using an alloy as an adhesive material) is performed to assemble the parts. The next step involves polishing the metal in a barrel.

(上)kikiki optiqueのテンプルパーツ。掛け心地や安全性に配慮し、フィッティング時に調整が必要なヨロイはしっかりと強度を保つプレスで生産。鯖江で最高品質といわれる工場でプレスしたヨロイ、スエージング加工した芯材、それらを御徒町で鋳造装飾パーツとロウ付けと磨きをかけ組み合わせる。

The temple of kikiki optique's frame. Taking into consideration comfort and safety, the end pieces, which require adjustment during fitting, are produced with pressing to maintain strong durability. The pressed end pieces and swaged metal temple core parts are produced at the factory in Sabae, renowned for its highest quality. They are then combined with handmade decorative parts from Okachimachi with the process of brazing and polishing.


Matte finishing is applied through sandblasting(several pieces at a time). Parts with zirconia attached are carefully masked (such as the stamen of a flower) beforehand to protect the stone from scratches.


Charm parts with sandblasted finishing. These parts will then undergo the process of plating.


Once all the parts are prepared, the frames are assembled.


Additionally, there are countless other steps such as adjusting the fit with the front piece and processing the sprue part from casting.

(上)モデルKOP-012 Mozu Balcony Col. Beige、アネモネが咲くバルコニーを眺める

Model KOP-012 Mozu Balcony Col. Beige


kikiki optique

"Realizing Everyday Allure"

Seeking and shaping the charms hidden in everyday life.

Beautiful flowers found on a walk

A cafe standing on a street corner

Enjoying camping with favorite tools

Turning treasures found in daily life into wearable forms

Inserting playfulness into everyday life

Carefully shaping and balancing things that once seemed contradictory into designs

Crafting with heart to be loved for a long time

These are the frames kikiki optique creates

kikiki optique website:

X(Twitter): @atelier_kikiki

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