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Above:Bruno Chaussignand

The designer, Bruno Chaussignand was born in 1974. He was born and raised in Nyons, France. At the age of 16, he became interested in the field of eyewear, inspired by his friend's uncle who ran an optical store. And this has lead him to enroll in the school, Ecole nationale d’Optique Victor Bérard in Morez, Jura region. In three years of his study, he has won three valuable awards.

In 2003, Bruno opened an optical store "O MIL'YEUX" in the city of Montpellier in the south of France. In 2010, he started his own brand BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND that is currently distributed in Europe, North America, and Japan.

EYEWEAR CULTURE received a chance to interview the designer about his designs, where he receives his inspirations, and his thoughts about Japan.


You have told us that you became interested in the field of eyewear from an influence of your friendʼs uncle when you were at the age of 16.

Would you please tell us what has attracted you about the optical store?

It was the beginning of the 90s and designer optics began to awaken in France and this shop was one of the first shops with original frames.

Then, I immediately understood the diversity of the work of an optician. From the customer contact to the eye examination process to the workshop.

You have achieved three awards during your study. Please let us know what awards you have won, when and maybe some reasons why you have won the awards?

The first year I won the young designer prize for the creation of a handmade frame in olive wood from Nyons (a french village internationally recognized for the olives and its oil).

The second year was the most important prize ‒ Grand Prix des Lunetiers ‒ it was the one that launched my career in eyewear where I designed and patented a particular lens attachment style.

The third year was the innovation prize for the creation of a make-up frame with an original glass.

Above: A handmade frame, made from olive woods from Nyons. Created in the first year of study in Ecole nationale d’Optique Victor Bérard. The frame has received the Young Designer's Prize. (Picture provided by brand Bruno Chaussignand)

Above: An optical frame created by Bruno Chaussignand in his third year of study. It is a frame to be worn when applying makeups, for people who prefer not to wear contact lenses. The frame features movable lense that allow makeup to be applied to each side of the eyes individually. The frame has received the Innovation Prize. (Picture provided by brand Bruno Chaussignand)

Do you have a reason to why you have opened your flagship store "O MILʼYEUX" particularly in the city of Montpellier? "O MILʼYEUX" is a beautiful store with the selection of wonderful eyewear including BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND.

I wanted to be in a city that I find beautiful, inspiring and dynamic, while having a human scale.

We have heard that you are at the store "O MILʼYEUX" sometimes.

Is it still your routine?

Indeed I sometimes work on weekends at the store because I need contact with customers.

It allows me to keep my roots and gauge the pulse of the market.

Above: An interior shot of the flagship store O MIL'YEUX in Montpellier.

What inspires you for your eyewear designs?

The faces I meet. Nature and Architecture.

What are important factors in your mind when you design your eyewear?

Finding and feeling the right moment to express my inspirations is crucial.

When it happens, I start looking for the right soundtrack and set my alarm to very, very early in the morning.

We feel a particular sense in your choice of acetate in your eyewear. Is there a particular way you choose your acetates for your designs?

My wife and I are together since before the conception of the brand and she has a keen sense of my vision and design choices.

Once we find the right materials and colors we begin a long process of achieving the perfect match for the next collection.

(From the top) Model CINCINNATI Col. GLI, GRE, SGB

(From the top) Model SPIRIT Col.PIK and Model OPERA Col.SGB

As one of the fans of BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND frames, we would like to ask if there is a plan to reproduce any of the models of brand BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND.

Of course, everything is possible. There only needs to be a good enough reason to make it happen.

Have you ever been to Japan before?

Not yet. It almost happened 5 years ago and in the meantime parenthood struck along with everything else thatʼs been happening in the world.

Hopefully one day Iʼll come visit with my son.

What is your image of Japan?

The cultural shock between tradition and modernity. A country with a determined and rigorous people.

(Above) Model wearing ST GERMAIN in colour FT24.

Is there any design or art that you like from Japan?

When my son was born I offered my wife a wooden Tansu cabinet. I love them.

I also follow certain clothing brands and concept stores like Comme des Garçons and this beautiful store in the heart of Montpellier called De La Luce that is renown for its Japanese antiques and excellent cuisine.

Your architecture, your animation, my Ogasaka skis, Ryuichi Sakamoto... the spectrum is vast.

Is there anything you want to do or places you want to visit when you are in Japan?

To arrive in a temple in Kyoto and immerse myself in your rich history and culture.

Please provide us with your messages to people who enjoy frames of brand BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND in Japan.

I love the Japanese eyewear culture and to have my creations share the same landscape and be appreciated by its people is an extreme honor.

I also wish for them to take pleasure in carrying a French made high quality product.

You have my gratitude.

Thank you very much for answering our interview questions!



The frames that carry clean lines and exquisite details are designed by Bruno Chaussignand. The metal frames are made in Morez in Jura region, France, while the acetate frames are produced in Oyonnax area in Jura. Bruno Chaussignand learned the history and techniques of eyewear in Jura region.

The flagship store of the brand, "O Mil'Yeux" is located in the city of Montpellier in the south of France. The brand was established in 2010.

BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND Official website:

O MIL’YEUX Official website:



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